Executive Assistants

Administrative Skills


Being an Executive or Personal Assistant is a unique position that requires a variety of skills. Whether you are updating schedules, making travel arrangements, minute taking, or creating important documents all must be done with a high degree of confidentiality. Confidentiality is one of the most important characteristics for every assistant.

Our Executive and Personal Assistants workshop will show your participants what it takes to be a successful assistant. Participants will learn what it takes to effectively manage a schedule, organize a meeting, and even how to be a successful gatekeeper. Being an Executive or Personal Assistant takes a special skill set and this workshop will provide your participants with the necessary tools.

Executive and Personal Assistants Course Outline:

Module One: Getting Started
Housekeeping Items
The Parking Lot
Workshop Objectives
Action Plans and Evaluations

Module Two: Working with Your Manager
Adapting to Their Style
Anticipate Their Needs
Getting Your Responsibilities Defined
When to Take the Initiative
Case Study
Module Two: Review Questions

Module Three: Administrative Soft Skills
Social Intelligence
Basic Business Acumen
Office Management
Active Listening
Case Study
Module Three: Review Questions

Module Four: Effective Time Management
Calendar Management
Prepare for Changes and Surprises
Keeping Others On Track
Urgent/Important Matrix
Case Study
Module Four: Review Questions

Module Five: Meeting Management
Creating An Agenda
Keeping Minutes
Keeping the Meeting On Time
Variations for Large and Small Meetings
Case Study
Module Five: Review Questions

Module Six: Tools of the Trade (I)
Email Protocol
Office Machinery
Computer and Software Skills
Communication Skills
Case Study
Module Six: Review Questions

Module Seven: Tools of the Trade (II)
Phone and Voicemail Etiquette
Word Processing
Business Writing
Internet Research
Case Study
Module Seven: Review Questions

Module Eight: Being an Effective Gatekeeper
Filtering Data and Information
Learn to Say No
Dealing With Difficult People
Recognize the Tricks
Case Study
Module Eight: Review Questions

Module Nine: Organizational Skills
Prioritizing Your Workload
Goal Setting
Plan for Tomorrow, Today
Staying on Track
Case Study
Module Nine: Review Questions

Module Ten: Confidentiality Guidelines
Your Confidentially Duty
Be Diplomatic and Discreet
Keeping Data Secure
What To Do in Sticky Situations
Case Study
Module Ten: Review Questions

Module Eleven: Special Tasks
Project Management
Trade Shows
Interacting with Clients
Social Media Management
Case Study
Module Eleven: Review Questions
Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Words from the Wise
Review of Parking Lot
Lessons Learned
Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations

  • Executive and Personal Assistants
  • Quote - Preperation-17
  • 1. admin assistant - Getting Started
  • Executive _ Administrative Assistant Leadership _updated_
  • 2. Admin Assistant - Working with your Manager
  • Module 02 Case Study
  • 02-Define Responsibilities
  • 03-Initiative
  • 3. Admin Assistant - Administrative Soft Skills
  • Module 03 Case Study
  • 04-Social Intelligence
  • 05-Active Listening
  • 4. Admin Assistant - Effective Time Management
  • Module 04 Case Study
  • 06-Calendar
  • 07-Urgent Important
  • 5. Admin Assistant - Meeting Management
  • Module 05 Case Study
  • 08-Agenda
  • 09-Meeting
  • 6. Admin Assistant - Tools of the Trade _I_
  • Module 06 Case Study
  • 10-Email
  • 11-Voicemail
  • 7. Admin Assistant - Tools of the Trade _II_
  • Module 07 Case Study
  • 12-Business Writing
  • 8. Admin Assistant - Gatekeeping
  • Module 08 Case Study
  • 13-No
  • 14-Difficult People
  • 9. Admin Assistant - Organizational Skills
  • Module 09 Case Study
  • 15-Prioritize
  • 16-SMART Goals
  • 10. Admin Assistant - Confidentiality
  • Module 10 Case Study
  • 17-Discretion
  • 11. Admin Assistant - Special Tasks
  • Module 11 Case Study
  • 18-Trade Show
  • 19-Interaction
  • Recommended Reading List
  • Executive Assistants Assessment
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever